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POS Solution

The QPAY Point of Sale (POS) solution enables you to download various Apps that match your business needs. Either you have a retail store, a restaurant, or a service business, the QPAY POS solution helps you grow your sales and links revenues from your e-commerce or e-billing solution all under one single merchant interface.

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Point of Sale (POS) Solution

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Payroll Service WPS

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E-Commerce,    Payment Gateway

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QPAY Payroll (WPS) Services

    We help SME (small and mid-sized Enterprises) owners and operators grow their businesses through a network of low cost, secure and easy   financial services. The QPAY Payroll (WPS) solution is the only solution in Qatar that offers FREE Salary Information File (SIF) submission in compliance with the Qatar Department of Labour & Social Services Wages Protection System (WPS).


E-commerce solution is specially designed for your growing business.It is simple, secure and powerful and easily integrates with your web site or content management solution. E-commerce is feature-rich and gives your business a lot of room for growth. 

  • The Lowest Transaction Fee
  • No Guarantee Required
  • Built-in e-Billing Solution
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Invoice and User Tracking
  • 24/7 Sales Report



With QPAY E-billing solution get your products and services out there for millions of customers to see and grow your business.

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